Based in a holistic exposition and appraisal of Gramsci’s writings that are of relevance to education in neoliberal times, this book--rather than simply applying Gramsci's theories to issues in education--argues that education constitutes the leitmotif of his entire oeuvre and lies at the heart of his conceptualization of the ancient Greek term hegemony that was used by other political theorists before him. Starting from this understanding, the book goes on to compare Gramsci's theories with those of later thinkers in the development of a critical pedagogy that can confront neoliberalism in all its forms.

chapter |18 pages


Hegemony and Neoliberalism: A Gramscian Antidote

chapter |14 pages

The Centrality of the State in Neoliberal Times

Gramsci and Beyond

chapter |19 pages


Adult Education and Learning1

chapter |18 pages

'In and against the State'

Gramsci, a War of Position and Adult Education1

chapter |16 pages

Gramsci on Schooling

Adieu to a School That Was but Cannot be Any Longer?1

chapter |19 pages

Antonio Gramsci and Paulo Freire

Connections and Contrasts

chapter |17 pages

Gramsci's Impact on Critical Pedagogy1

chapter |8 pages

In Sum

Some Concluding, Summarising Thoughts1