This excellent reference source brings together hard-to-find information on the eighty-three constituent units of the Russian Federation.

The introduction examines the Russian Federation as a whole, focusing on the evolution of the relationship between the central state and the regions, followed by a chronology, demographic and economic statistics, and a review of the Federal Government.

The second section comprises territorial surveys, with a chapter on each of Russia’s federal subjects, each of which includes a current map. The third section comprises a select bibliography of books. The fourth section features a series of indexes, listing the territories alphabetically, by Federal Okrug and Economic Area. Users will also find a gazetteer of selected alternative and historic names, and a list of the territories abolished, created or reconstituted in the post-Soviet period.

part |2 pages

PART ONE: Introduction

part |1 pages

PART TWO: Territorial Surveys

chapter |1 pages

Map of European Russia

chapter |2 pages

Map of Asian Russia

chapter |42 pages

Central Federal Okrug Moscow City

chapter |32 pages

North-Western Federal Okrug

chapter |18 pages

Urals Federal Okrug Chelyabinsk Oblast

chapter |36 pages

Siberian Federal Okrug Altai Republic

part |2 pages

PART THREE: Select Bibliography

chapter |4 pages

Select Bibliography (Books)

part |2 pages

PART FOUR: Indexes

chapter |1 pages

Alphabetic List of Territories

chapter |1 pages

Federal Okrugs

chapter |4 pages

Economic Areas