This skit of Bertrand Russell’s philosophy was originally published in 1918 by Russell’s correspondent friend Jourdain. The introduction explains that the contents purport to be lost papers written by Mr. B*rtr*nd R*ss*ll, a contemporary of Bertrand Russell. This politically humorous volume from the early 20th Century parodies the writing style of Russell as well as his theories.

chapter |4 pages

Editor's Note

chapter |2 pages


chapter |2 pages


chapter I|4 pages

The Indefinables of Logic

chapter III|2 pages


chapter IV|1 pages

Identity of Classes

chapter VI|1 pages

The Law of Contradiction in Modern Logic

chapter VII|2 pages

Symbolism and Meaning

chapter VIII|2 pages


chapter IX|1 pages

Ambiguity and Symbolic Logic .

chapter XI|1 pages


chapter XII|1 pages

Historical Criticism .

chapter XIII|1 pages

Is the Mind in the Head ?

chapter XIV|2 pages

The Pragmatist Theory of Truth

chapter XV|1 pages


chapter XVI|1 pages

The Commutative Law

chapter XVII|1 pages

Universal and Particular Propositions

chapter XVIII|2 pages

Denial of Generality and Generality of Denial

chapter XIX|4 pages


chapter XX|2 pages


chapter XXI|3 pages

The Synthetic Nature of Deduction

chapter XXII|5 pages

The Mortality of Socrates

chapter XXIII|1 pages


chapter XXIV|2 pages

The .

chapter XXV|2 pages


chapter XXVI|1 pages


chapter XXVII|1 pages

And and or

chapter XXVIII|1 pages

The Conversion of Relations

chapter XXX|1 pages

Finite and Infinite

chapter XXXII|3 pages

The Hardships of a Man with an Unlimited Income

chapter XXXIII|1 pages

The Relations of Magnitude of Cardinal Numbers

chapter XXXIV|3 pages

The Unknowable

chapter XXXVI|1 pages

The Humour of Mathematicians

chapter XXXVII|4 pages

The Paradoxes of Logic

chapter XXXVIII|2 pages

Modern Logic and Some Philosophical Argu ments

chapter XXXIX|2 pages

The Hierarchy of Jokes

chapter XL|1 pages

The Evidence of Geometrical Propositions .

chapter XLI|2 pages

Absolute and Relative Position . .

chapter XLII|2 pages