Organization theory is a fast developing field of microeconomics. Organizational approaches are now used in a wide range of topics in business studies. They are based on information economics, contract theory and mechanism design. This book introduces such organizational approaches and how to adopt them as business applications.

The book presents the theory in the first two chapters and proceeds to cover the applications of the theory in the later three chapters. The theory lays the foundation and the applications illustrate how the theory can be used in a wide range of business problems.

The book covers many concepts and ideas in organization theory, including complete contracts, incomplete contracts, allocation of control rights, option contracts, convertibles, and joint ventures concisely. It will be of use to third year undergraduates and above, Master’s and Ph.D levels for students in business schools.

chapter |60 pages

1 Complete contracts

chapter |48 pages

2 Incomplete contracts

chapter |42 pages

3 Corporate finance

chapter |27 pages

4 Corporate governance

chapter |22 pages

5 Public governance