The impact of the United Nations "Healthy Prisons" initiative has highlighted the importance of health and health promotion in incarcerated populations. This invaluable book discusses the many health and medical issues that arise or are introduced into prisons from the perspective of both inmates and prison staff.

Health and Health Promotion in Prison places key issues in prison healthcare into a historical perspective and investigates contemporary policy drivers. It then addresses the significant legal issues relating to health in prison settings and the human rights implications and questions that arise. The book presents a useful framework for health education in prison and a model for introducing structural, policy and health-related changes based on the UN Health in Prisons model, and also includes a special chapter on mental health issues.

Providing a comprehensive and thought-provoking overview of health promotion issues in correctional environments, this is an essential reference for all those involved in prison healthcare.

chapter |8 pages

Health in prisons

A historical perspective

chapter |16 pages

Approaching health, law and human rights in prison

Comparing England and Wales and the European Court of Human Rights, and the United States

chapter |22 pages

The resurrection of the body in penology

Prison health care as physical punishment in a twentieth-century US correctional system

chapter |11 pages

On giving good care to bad people

Examining the principles of prison health care

chapter |15 pages

Pedagogy for prisoners

An approach to peer health education for inmates 1

chapter |12 pages

Mental health and treatment in prisons

Hospitals of last resort or rehabilitation?

chapter |2 pages


Some principles of public health and health in prisons