This definitive sourcebook presents more than sixty authoritative new translations of key Islamic texts. Edited and translated by three leading specialists, Classical Islam features eight thematically-linked sections covering the Qur'ān and its interpretation, the life of Muhammad, hadīth, law, theology, mysticism and Islamic history. The new edition has been expanded to cover a fuller range of material illustrating the growth of Islamic thought from its seventh-century origins through to the end of the medieval period. It includes illustrations, a glossary, extensive bibliography and explanatory prefaces for each text. Classical Islam is an essential resource for the study of early and medieval Islam and its legacy.

part |141 pages

Formation and salvation history

chapter 1|20 pages

The Qurʾān

chapter 2|31 pages

The life of Muḥammad

chapter 3|45 pages


chapter 4|41 pages

Religious history

part |213 pages

Elaboration of the tradition

chapter 5|44 pages

Qurʾānic interpretation

chapter 6|57 pages

Theology and philosophy

chapter 7|51 pages


chapter 8|57 pages