Japanese: A Comprehensive Grammar is a thorough reference guide to modern Japanese grammar. With its detailed treatment of all grammatical structures, it explores the complexities of the language fully, concentrating on the real patterns of use in contemporary Japanese as spoken and written by native speakers.

This edition has been fully updated throughout, incorporating a new structure now organised by topic and providing specific attention to areas of particular difficulty. Examples have been updated throughout to reflect current usage and a glossary of linguistic terms has been added.

Features include:

  • Clear grammar points put into context using examples from a range of Japanese media
  • Inclusive coverage of both colloquial and standard Japanese
  • Extensive cross-referencing in all parts of the book
  • A detailed index of Japanese and English terms

Written by experts in this field, Japanese: A Comprehensive Grammar will be an essential reference source for the learner and user of Japanese at all levels.

chapter |3 pages


chapter 1|34 pages


chapter 2|53 pages

Case particles

chapter 3|20 pages

Phrasal particles

chapter 4|13 pages

Numbers and counters

chapter 6|33 pages


chapter 7|27 pages

Verbs, valency, copula and sentence types

chapter 8|18 pages

Tense and aspect endings

chapter 9|61 pages

Modal endings

chapter 10|12 pages


chapter 11|82 pages

Adverbial particles

chapter 12|7 pages

Passive sentences

chapter 13|7 pages

Causative and causative passive sentences

chapter 14|7 pages

Potential and spontaneous sentences

chapter 15|27 pages

Performative sentences

chapter 17|13 pages

Negation and negative sentences

chapter 18|21 pages


chapter 19|15 pages

Sentence-final particles

chapter 20|11 pages

Imperative sentences, commands and requests

chapter 21|16 pages

Quotation: to, to iu, tte and ni yoru to

chapter 22|17 pages


chapter 23|6 pages


chapter 24|12 pages


chapter 25|16 pages

Conjunctive forms

chapter 26|90 pages

Conjunctive particles

chapter 27|6 pages

Abbreviations: truncations and ellipsis

chapter 28|17 pages

Stylistic effects and point of view