Adapted from its parent volume Education Law, 5th Edition, this accessible text concisely introduces topics in law that are most relevant to teachers. Providing public school teachers with the legal knowledge necessary to do their jobs, A Teacher’s Guide to Education Law covers issues of student rights, discipline, negligence, discrimination, special education, teacher rights, hiring and firing, contracts, unions, collective bargaining, and tenure.

Special Features:

  • This revised edition includes new content on bullying, privacy, discrimination, school finance, and issues relating to Internet and technology, as well as updated references and case law throughout.
  • To aid comprehension, technical terms are carefully explained and summaries of key topics and principles are provided.
  • Case law is presented within the context of real-world examples, making this text accessible to pre-service teachers who have little background in law.
  • A companion website provides additional resources for students and instructors, such as links to full cases and a glossary of key concepts.

chapter |12 pages

Understanding Education Law

chapter |24 pages

Compulsory Schooling

chapter |29 pages


chapter |30 pages

Student Discipline

chapter |34 pages

Equality of Educational Opportunity

Race and Gender

chapter |34 pages

Equality of Educational Opportunity

Students with Special Needs

chapter |17 pages

School Finance

chapter |21 pages

Teacher Employment

chapter |38 pages