Practicing Convergence Journalism teaches budding journalists how to make the most of digital technology to tell their stories effectively across multiple media platforms—in print, audio, video and online. Janet Kolodzy addresses multi-media and cross-media thinking, organizing, reporting and producing for both short-form spot news and long-form features. Her approach focuses on storytelling principles, not just specific technical practices, providing journalists with the mindset and skills they need to adapt their writing and reporting for the tools of today and tomorrow.

With this book and the aid of its companion website, students learn how to:

  • Develop a cross-media mode of journalistic thinking that will result in stories suitable for a fast-paced, multitasking and mobile audience.

  • Decide when visuals are useful and necessary, and understand how to capture, select and organize them to effectively enhance a reader’s understanding of a story.

  • Put together various elements of storytelling (writing, audio, moving and still pictures) for an interactive journalistic experience.

chapter |13 pages

What's Old Is New, What's New Is Old

chapter |17 pages

Sources and Background Information

Reporting Before the Reporting

chapter |18 pages

Short and Fast

Covering a Spot News Story

chapter |16 pages

Law and Ethics

Reporting Rules of the Road

chapter |17 pages

Building the Spot News Story

chapter |21 pages

Capturing Context and Tone

Using Words, Pictures and Sound

chapter |17 pages

Packaging the Story

The Daily Wrap

chapter |15 pages

The Multimedia Story

How to Help Audiences Get What They Want and Need

chapter |17 pages

Feature or Enterprise News Stories

chapter |7 pages

Digital Storytelling: Design and Data

chapter |12 pages

Law and Ethics

Producing and Disseminating News