This book helps understand Plato’s writings by describing the circumstances in which they were produced. The author begins with an account of Plato’s life and development and a brief analysis of some of the more difficult points arising from the criticism of Plato’s writings. The remainder of the work considers the total setting – political, literary and philosophical – in which Plato’s writings were produced. There are extensive appendices on the Platonic Epistles, Aristotle and the Theory of Ideas, and on the post-Aristotelian tradition. The result is both a lucid account of Plato himself and a comprehensive view of culture in fifth century Greece.

chapter I|13 pages

The Life of Plato : Early Years

chapter III|19 pages

The Academy

chapter IV|15 pages

The Writings of Plato

chapter V|13 pages

The Chronology of the Dialogues

chapter VI|14 pages

The General Moral and Political Background

chapter VIII|15 pages

The Fourth Century

chapter IX|11 pages

Plato on Contemporary Politics

chapter X|13 pages

The Socratic Literature

chapter XI|12 pages

The Socratic Literature (Continued)

chapter XII|17 pages

The Socratic Philosophers

chapter XIII|13 pages

The Pythagoreans

chapter XIV|9 pages

Plato on his Contemporaries