Topologies of Power amounts to a radical departure in the way that power and space have been understood. It calls into question the very idea that power is simply extended across a given territory or network, and argues that power today has a new found ‘reach’. Topological shifts have subtly altered the reach of power, enabling governments, corporations and NGOs alike to register their presence through quieter, less brash forms of power than domination or overt control. In a world in which proximity and distance increasingly play across one another, topology offers an insight into how power remains continuous under transformation: the same but different in its ability to shape peoples’ lives.

Drawing upon a range of political, economic and cultural illustrations, the book sets out a clear and accessible account of the topological workings of power in the contemporary moment. It will be invaluable for both students and academics in human geography, politics, sociology, and cultural studies.

chapter |13 pages


The changing same of power

part |63 pages

Topological twists

chapter |19 pages

Power that comes with the territory

An easy geometry

chapter |20 pages

Power's shifting reach

A topological distortion

chapter |22 pages

Power reproduced differently

A topological practice

part |82 pages

Powers of reach

chapter |23 pages

The financial engineering of advantage

Power that defies maps

chapter |24 pages

Folding in distant harms

Spatial experiments with NGO power

chapter |21 pages

A distorted state

Reproducing the power of borders differently

chapter |12 pages


Power on the quiet