The PEERS® Curriculum for School-Based Professionals brings UCLA's highly acclaimed and widely popular PEERS program into the school setting. This sixteen-week program, clinically proven to significantly improve social skills and social interactions among teens with autism spectrum disorder, is now customized for the needs of psychologists, counselors, speech pathologists, administrators, and teachers. The manual is broken down into clearly divided lesson plans, each of which have concrete rules and steps, corresponding homework assignments, plans for review, and unique, fun activities to ensure that teens are comfortable incorporating what they've learned. The curriculum also includes parent handouts, tips for preparing for each lesson, strategies for overcoming potential pitfalls, and the research underlying this transformative program.

chapter |20 pages

„Getting Started

chapter |28 pages

„Week 2: Two-Way Conversations

chapter |30 pages

„Week 3: Electronic Communication

chapter |24 pages

„Week 4: Choosing Appropriate Friends

chapter |24 pages

„Week 5: Appropriate Use of Humor

chapter |36 pages

„Week 7: Exiting Conversations

chapter |24 pages

„Week 8: Good Sportsmanship

chapter |32 pages

„Week 9: Get-Togethers

chapter |22 pages

„Week 10: Handling Arguments

chapter |18 pages

„Week 11: Changing Reputations

chapter |20 pages

„Week 13: Handling Physical Bullying

chapter |20 pages

„Week 14: Handling Cyber Bullying

chapter |24 pages

„Week 15: Minimizing Rumors and Gossip