In this book Apple explores the 'conservative restoration' - the rightward turn of a broad-based coalition that is making successful inroads in determining American and international educational policy. It takes a pragmatic look at what critical educators can do to build alternative coalitions and policies that are more democratic. Apple urges this group to extricate itself from its reliance on the language of possibility in order to employ pragmatic analyses that address the material realities of social power.

chapter |33 pages

Producing Inequalities

Conservative Modernization in Policy and Practice

chapter |37 pages

Who “No Child Left Behind” Leaves Behind

The Class and Race Realities of Audit Cultures

chapter |24 pages

Endangered Christianity

chapter |35 pages

God, Morality, and Markets

chapter |17 pages

Away with All Teachers

The Cultural Politics of Home Schooling

chapter |21 pages

Doing the Work of Home Schooling

Gender, Technology, and Curriculum