This volume presents a clear and concise explanation of why the American banking crisis of 1933 occurred. The bulk of the book analyses the actual events of the final major panic which was ushered in by the closing down of the banks in the State of Michigan on February 14, 1933. The following three weeks made history and events happened so fast that years of banking history seemed to be compressed into as many days. The events are set within an historical context which enables the reader to see the panic in relation to what came before it.

chapter |19 pages

Why the Banks Failed

chapter |21 pages

The Prelude in Europe

chapter |23 pages

Runs on the Dollar

chapter |27 pages

Shots in the Arm

chapter |21 pages

The Panic Begins

chapter |17 pages

The Collapse is Complete

chapter |18 pages

The Banks are Reopened

chapter |25 pages

The “New Deal”