Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age is for all those interested in considering the impact of emerging digital technologies on teaching and learning. It explores the concept of a digital age and perspectives of knowledge, pedagogy and practice within a digital context.

By examining teaching with digital technologies through new learning theories cognisant of the digital age, it aims to both advance thinking and offer strategies for teaching technology-savvy students that will enable meaningful learning experiences.

Illustrated throughout with case studies from across the subjects and the age range, key issues considered include:

  • how young people create and share knowledge both in and beyond the classroom and how current and new pedagogies can support this level of achievement
  • the use of complexity theory as a framework to explore teaching in the digital age

  • the way learning occurs – one way exchanges, online and face-to-face interactions, learning within a framework of constructivism, and in communities
  • what we mean by critical thinking, why it is important in a digital age, and how this can occur in the context of learning
  • how students can create knowledge through a variety of teaching and learning activities, and how the knowledge being created can be shared, critiqued and evaluated.

With an emphasis throughout on what it means for practice, this book aims to improve understanding of how learning theories currently work and can evolve in the future to promote truly effective learning in the digital age. It is essential reading for all teachers, student teachers, school leaders, those engaged in Masters’ Level work, as well as students on Education Studies courses.

chapter 1|9 pages

The complexity of schools

chapter 2|10 pages

The digital age

chapter 3|9 pages

Knowledge and connectivism

chapter 4|12 pages

Connections and relationships

chapter 5|14 pages

Creating knowledge

chapter 6|13 pages

Critical thinking

chapter 7|24 pages

Learning in the digital age

chapter 8|15 pages

Teaching in the digital age

chapter 9|21 pages

The start of the digital age