Prompted by the widespread curiosity aroused by the proceedings of the Parker Bank Rate Tribunal, the author has written a non-technical account of daily life in a City office and Boardroom. The author describes the ways in which money is put to work, and explains why the Sterling Area is so important to Britain’s prosperity. He also discusses political developments affecting the City and its future. The book includes references to America and Wall Street.

part |47 pages

The Daily Round

chapter |8 pages

First Impressions

chapter |11 pages

‘Ships, Towers, Domes'

chapter |15 pages

An Adventurous Business

chapter |11 pages

Feeling our Way

part |48 pages

Money at Work

chapter |13 pages

A Useful Commodity

chapter |10 pages

How we Invest it

chapter |11 pages

Behind the Figures

chapter |12 pages

Measuring Success

part |44 pages

A Wider View

chapter |10 pages

Theory and Practice

chapter |11 pages

Paying our Way

chapter |11 pages

What we Earn

chapter |11 pages

A Time to Speak