A CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title 2013!

Educating Activist Allies offers a fresh take on critical education studies through an analysis of social justice pedagogy in schools serving communities privileged by race and class. By documenting the practices of socially committed teachers at an urban private academy and a suburban public school, Katy Swalwell helps educators and educational theorists better understand the challenges and opportunities inherent in this work. She also examines how students responded to their teachers’ efforts in ways that both undermined and realized the goals of social justice pedagogy. This analysis serves as the foundation for the development of a curricular framework helping students to foster an "Activist Ally" identity: the skills, knowledge, and dispositions necessary to negotiate privilege in ways that promote justice. Educating Activist Allies provides a powerful introduction to the ways in which social justice curricula can and should be enacted in communities of privilege.

part |28 pages

The Education of Privileged Youth in Theory

chapter |14 pages

Disconnected, Paralyzed, and Charitable

Social Justice Pedagogy with Privileged Children

part |97 pages

The Education of Privileged Youth in Practice

chapter |22 pages

Sheltered and Exceptional

Privileged Students' Conceptions of Themselves and Their Communities

chapter |35 pages

Social Justice Pedagogy in Action

“Bursting the Bubble” and “Disturbing the Comfortable”

chapter |22 pages

Did they Get It?

Students' Responses to Social Justice Pedagogy

chapter |16 pages

Eyes Pried Open

A Framework for Educating Activist Allies