In Soviet Economy and the War the author presents a concise factual record of Soviet economic developments during a short period. This book outlines the economic planning and performance that accompanied the military training and preparation to meet the onset of Nazism.

To some extent complementary to Dobb's Soviet Economy & the War, the author offers detailed studies of a few special aspects of the Soviet Economic System.

chapter Chapter I|4 pages


chapter Chapter II|9 pages

Russia before the Five-Year Plan

chapter Chapter III|8 pages

The First Five-Year Plan

chapter Chapter IV|14 pages

The Second Five-Year Plan and the Third

chapter Chapter V|8 pages

What is the War Potential of the U.S.S.R.?

chapter Chapter VI|14 pages

The Location of Soviet Industry 1

chapter Chapter VII|9 pages

Collective Farms

chapter Chapter VIII|11 pages

The Rôle of the Trade Unions

chapter Chapter IX|11 pages

The Plan and the Budget

chapter Chapter I

Economic Planning in U.S.S.R.

chapter Chapter II|23 pages

The Soviet Financial System

chapter Chapter III|34 pages

Work and Wages

chapter Chapter IV|24 pages

The Economic Effects of the War