This book follows on from the author’s volume Russian Economic Development and although it encompasses some of the same material it charts the history and progress of the Soviet economy down to the efforts at reconstruction after The Second World War. A new chapter was added which covers the post-war decade from the end of the war to the announcement of the Sixth Year Plan.

part |81 pages

Part One

chapter Chapter One|33 pages


The Significance of a Study of Soviet Economic Development for the Problems of Our Time

chapter Chapter Two|27 pages

Russian Economic Development Prior to the First World War

chapter Chapter Three|21 pages

The Prelude to November 1917

part |255 pages

Part Two

chapter Chapter Four|15 pages

The First Eight Months

chapter Chapter Five|28 pages

The Period of “War Communism”

chapter Chapter Six|24 pages

The Transition to the New Economic Policy

chapter Chapter Eight|31 pages

The Problem of Industrialisation

chapter Chapter Ten|39 pages

The First Five-Year Plan

chapter Chapter Eleven|22 pages

The Second Five-Year Plan

chapter Chapter Thirteen|24 pages

The Two Post-War Decades

part |156 pages

Part Three

chapter Chapter Fourteen|48 pages

The Planning System

chapter Chapter Fifteen|39 pages

The Financial Plan and the Financial System

chapter Chapter Sixteen|22 pages

The Location of Industry

chapter Chapter Seventeen|47 pages

Trade Unions, Wages and Conditions of Labour