The story of the economic development of the Soviet Union provided the first case in history of the establishment of a socialist economy and was therefore of great interest for economists and economic historians of the twentieth century. At the same time it affords a unique example of the transformation of a country into an industrial nation at an unprecedented pace and under the guidance of a national economic plan. This book examines these changes from the Russian Revolution of 1917 to 1927.

chapter Chapter One|24 pages

The Political Background

chapter Chapter Two|41 pages

The Economic Policy of the First Eight Months

chapter Chapter Three|32 pages

The Process of Economic Decline

chapter Chapter Four|31 pages

The Period of “War Communism”

chapter Chapter Five|37 pages

The Transition to the New Economic Policy

chapter Chapter Six|14 pages

The Beginning of Reconstruction

chapter Chapter Seven|25 pages

The New Form of Industrial Organisation

chapter Chapter Eight|25 pages

The “Scissors” Crisis of 1923

chapter Chapter Nine|27 pages

Theclosing of the “Scissors”

chapter Chapter Ten|43 pages

The Problem of Fixed Capital

chapter Chapter Eleven|40 pages

Town and Village

chapter Chapter Twelve|28 pages

Economic Prospects