This book provides an elaboration upon the concept of knowledge from an economic viewpoint. However this is not a book on economics of knowledge, at least not in the conventional sense. Most of the existing books on the matter have focused on the treatment of knowledge in terms of properties of knowledge as an economic good, incentive schemes for the creation of knowledge, issues about the codified/tacit nature of knowledge and the like.

part |30 pages


chapter |28 pages

Structural change and the knowledge-based economy

An international overview

part |50 pages

The theory

part |121 pages


chapter |10 pages

The implementation of knowledge structure

Methodological implications

chapter |24 pages

The internal structure of technological knowledge and productivity growth

Cross-country evidence from the ICT sector

chapter |24 pages

Knowledge, structural change and productivity

A special focus on Italian regions

chapter |23 pages

The co-evolution of knowledge and economic structure

Evidence from European regions

chapter |7 pages