Today’s food and agribusiness managers operate in a rapidly changing, highly volatile, international, high technology, consumer-focused world. This new edition of Agribusiness Management was written to help prepare students and managers for a successful career in this new world of food and fiber production and marketing.

Agribusiness Management uses four specific approaches to help readers develop and enhance their capabilities as agribusiness managers. First, this edition of the book offers a contemporary focus that reflects the issues that agribusiness managers face both today and are likely to face tomorrow. Specifically, food sector firms and larger agribusiness firms receive more attention in this edition, reflecting their increasing importance as employers of food and agribusiness program graduates. Second, the book presents conceptual material in a pragmatic way with illustrations and examples that will help the reader understand how a specific concept works in practice. Third, the book has a decision-making emphasis, providing contemporary tools that readers will find useful when making decisions in the contemporary business environment. Finally, Agribusiness Management offers a pertinent set of discussion questions and case studies that will allow the reader to apply the material covered in real-world situations.

The bottom-line on this fourth edition of Agribusiness Management: this book is contemporary, solid on the fundamentals, practical and applicable. It provides students and adult learners with an essential understanding of what it takes to be a successful agribusiness manager in today’s rapidly evolving, highly unpredictable marketplace.

part |2 pages

PART I Agribusiness management: scope, functions, and tasks

chapter 1|33 pages

The business of agribusiness

chapter 2|23 pages

Managing the agribusiness

chapter 3|16 pages

Economics for agribusiness managers

part |2 pages

PART II Agribusiness management: organization and context

chapter 4|22 pages

The organization of an agribusiness

chapter 5|22 pages

International agribusiness

part |2 pages

PART III Marketing management for agribusiness

chapter 6|20 pages

Strategic market planning

chapter 7|35 pages

The marketing mix

part |2 pages

PART IV Financial management for agribusiness

chapter 9|27 pages

Understanding fi nancial statements

chapter 10|25 pages

Analyzing fi nancial statements

chapter 11|25 pages

Financing the agribusiness

chapter 12|24 pages

Tools for evaluating operating decisions

part |2 pages

PART V Operations management for agribusiness

chapter 14|23 pages

Production planning and management

chapter 15|21 pages

Supply chain management for agribusiness

part |2 pages

PART VI Human resource management for agribusiness

chapter 16|26 pages

Managing organizational structure

chapter 17|22 pages

Managing human resources in agribusiness