Professor Ernst Badian (1925-2011) was one of the most influential Alexander historians of the twentieth century. His first articles on the subject appeared in 1958, and he continued for a full fifty years to reshape scholarly perception of the reign of Alexander the Great. A steady output of articles was reinforced by lectures and reviews in his own formidable style. Badian's earliest work transformed understanding of aspects of the Roman Republic, and he continued to work on that area throughout his career; but his series of studies of Alexander the Great (which he deliberately never summed up in a synoptic work) demolished the hero of his predecessors such as Droysen and Tarn, whom he regarded as starry-eyed hero-worshippers, and created an Alexander on the model of a twentieth-century tyrant. The Alexander who was a ruthless killer of his rivals and those who disagreed with him, a mass-murderer in his conquests, and perhaps even an incompetent imperialist, has superseded the Alexander whose mission it was to bring Greek civilization to the ends of the earth. These essays and articles provide a new layer in the interpretation of a figure who has not ceased to fascinate since his death in 323 BC.

Many of these articles were published in out-of-the-way journals and conference volumes, and are brought together here for the first time in a collection which will provide student and scholar with a view of the full range of Badian's work on Alexander. Certain ephemeral pieces and all reviews except one have been excluded, by the wish of the author. The twenty-seven articles included were all revised by the author before his death, but there has been no other editorial intervention. The volume also includes a portrait, and an introduction by Eugene Borza surveying Badian's career and contribution. No one who works on Alexander the Great can afford to be without this book.

chapter 2|16 pages

The Eunuch Bagoas

A study in method

chapter 3|12 pages

The Death of Parmenio

chapter 4|10 pages

Review of Lionel Pearson

The Lost Histories of Alexander the Great

chapter 5|38 pages


chapter 7|7 pages

The Death of Philip II

chapter 8|7 pages

The Date of Clitarchus

chapter 9|4 pages

Orientals in Alexander's Army

chapter 10|29 pages

Alexander the Great and the Greeks of Asia

chapter 11|21 pages

Agis III

chapter 12|19 pages

A King's Note Books

chapter 13|18 pages

Nearchus The Cretan 1

chapter 14|13 pages

Review of Konrad Kraft

Der ‘rationale' Alexander

chapter 15|20 pages

The Battle of the Granicus

A new look

chapter 16|38 pages

The Deification of Alexander the Great

chapter 17|29 pages

Greeks and Macedonians

chapter 18|14 pages

Alexander at Peucelaotis *

chapter 19|13 pages

The Ring and the Book

chapter 20|27 pages

AGIS III Revisions and reflections

chapter 21|21 pages

Alexander the Great Between Two Thrones and Heaven

Variations on an old theme

chapter 22|18 pages

The King ‘ s Indians

chapter 23|16 pages

Anote on the ‘Alexander Mosaic'

chapter 24|37 pages


chapter 25|22 pages

Darius III 1

chapter 26|17 pages

Plutarch ‘ Sun Confessed Skill

The biographer as a critical historian 1

chapter 27|16 pages

Once More the Death of Philip II