A taboo-shattering book, How Local Resilience Creates Sustainable Societies sets out how visionary national and local leaders can transform unsustainable societies as they attempt to recover from an age of austerity. By eliminating the culture of dependency in a socially and environmentally progressive way, the book shows how to transcend the political and social spectrum and even unify people around a common purpose. It does this by examining how leaders can make smarter interventions within complex systems to prevent the high cost of social and environmental failure arising from our current economic model. The book explores a number of contemporary themes (e.g. green economy, sustainable urban development, banking reform, equality and democratic renewal) and draws on a wealth of global case learning (e.g. Amsterdam, Brighton, Cape Town, Madison, Matara and Toyama).

chapter |6 pages


Why the system is toxic: easy to make, easy to break

part |26 pages

Ending the wrong type of dependency culture

chapter |6 pages

Establishing Need

chapter |9 pages

Tomorrow And Today's Problems

Making change universally desirable

chapter |9 pages

A Common Set Of Values

part |28 pages

Localism without government

part |36 pages

Just cities

part |25 pages

Transition from unstable to resilient societies: hard to make, hard to break

chapter |6 pages

Infused Resilience

A theory of change

chapter |4 pages

What You Need To Next