To many education students, Russian and/or Chinese education is at the same time their introduction to Marxism, and many students go no further. This book sets the record straight by giving a thorough introduction to the writings of Marx himself as they relate to education. It shows what Marxism implies for education, as aim, method and content. It then proceeds to compare educational developments in the former USSR and China in the light of this analysis, attempting to answer the question as to how Marxist this has been, in the schools and outside them.



chapter 1|65 pages

Marx and Education

chapter 2|33 pages

The School System: Part One

chapter 3|54 pages

The School System: Part Two

chapter 4|21 pages

Education and the Economy

chapter 5|36 pages

Labour and Education

chapter 6|49 pages

Educating the New, Socialist Man

chapter 7|63 pages

The Collective as Educator

chapter 8|15 pages

Education and the Social-Political Reality