This book examines the influence of neoliberal ideas and practices on the way knowledge has been conceptualized, produced, and disseminated over the last few decades at different levels of public education and in various national contexts around the world.

chapter |14 pages


The Contemporary Politics of Knowing and Learning

chapter 1|31 pages

Changing the Soul

The Contours, Currents and Contradictions of the Neoliberal Revolution

chapter 2|28 pages

The Machinations of Managerialism

New Public Management and the Diminishing Power of Knowledge Professionals

chapter 3|27 pages

The Neoliberalization of Knowledge

Privatization and the New Epistemic Economy

chapter 4|28 pages

The New Marketplace of Ideas

The New Knowledge Makers and Their New Knowledge

chapter 5|29 pages

Creating the “Clever Countrys”

Neoliberalism, Knowledge Society Policies and the Restructuring of Higher Education

chapter 6|26 pages

“An Island of Socialism in a Free Market Sea”

Building the Market-Oriented School1

chapter 7|37 pages

Aligning Markets and Minds

The Responsibilized Self in the New entrepraeurial Culture