Art as Therapy introduces the theory and practice of art therapy in a concise, accessible and informative way. Tessa Dalley's introduction gives an overview of basic issues, research and development. Subsequent chapters, written by specialists, are chosen to demonstrate the ways in which art therapy can be applied to different client groups, in a variety of clinical settings. These include children, adolescents suffering from anorexia nervosa, the mentally handicapped, the elderly and terminally ill, those in psychiatric hospitals and prison inmates. Illustrated case studies provide visual explanations for the art therapy processes and the final chapter discusses training for the profession. Art as Therapy has been welcomed by art therapists, social workers, psychologists, nurses and teachers.

chapter 2|12 pages

Art, psychotherapy, and symbol systems

chapter 3|12 pages

Art therapy as a form of psychotherapy

chapter 10|14 pages

Art therapy in prisons

chapter 11|14 pages

Art games and group structures

chapter 13|9 pages

Training in art therapy