Image Studies offers an engaging introduction to visual and image studies.

In order to better understand images and visual culture the book seeks to bridge between theory and practice; asking the reader to think critically about images and image practices, but also simultaneously to make images and engage with image-makers and image-making processes. Looking across a range of domains and disciplines, we find the image is never a single, static thing. Rather, the image can be a concept, an object, a picture, or medium – and all these things combined. At the heart of this book is the idea of an ‘ecology of images’, through which we can examine the full ‘life’ of an image – to understand how an image resonates within a complex set of contexts, processes and uses.

  • Part 1 covers theoretical perspectives on the image, supplemented with practical entries on making, researching and writing with images.
  • Part 2 explores specific image practices and cultures, with chapters on drawing and painting; photography; visual culture; scientific imaging; and informational images.

A wide range of illustrations complement the text throughout and each chapter includes creative tasks, keywords (linked to an online resource), summaries and suggested further reading. In addition, each of the main chapters include selected readings by notable authors across a range of subject areas, including: Art History, Business, Cognitive Science, Communication Studies, Infographics, Neuroscience, Photography, Physics, Science Studies, Social Semiotics, Statistics, and Visual Culture.

part 1|97 pages

Defining images

chapter 1|16 pages

Beyond semiotics

chapter 2|25 pages

Understanding images

chapter |9 pages

Supplement II: Image Research

chapter 3|29 pages

Image and text

chapter |10 pages

Supplement III: Writing with Images

part 2|153 pages

Image practices

chapter 4|27 pages

Drawing and painting

chapter 5|30 pages


chapter 6|30 pages

Visual culture

chapter 7|31 pages

Scientific imaging

chapter 8|31 pages

Image and information