There has been an outpouring of children from schools over the last few years. The reasons for their exclusion from schools include: learning difficulties, behavioural problems or physical disability. Other reasons that are not dependent on a 'deficit' model of the children relate to Conservative-led initiatives involving school league tables, greater accountability, inspections, etc. Whatever the reasons, the new government are committed to reducing the number of children who are forced out of mainstream schooling.
The author addresses the key issues and relates them to the main theory/literature in the area. He 'unpicks' the major theories and applies them to possible ways of working with children in the classroom. Four case studies are used in order to make these proposed ways of working more accessible. As with other books in the series, exercises, readings and questions are set throughout.

chapter |6 pages

Working with Difference

chapter |14 pages

Gary—A Formal Assessment

chapter |12 pages

Pathologizing Children

Power and Regulation

chapter |20 pages

Speaking of Mary

chapter |12 pages

Alienation or Pathology?

chapter |6 pages


Discourse on Science