The Jungians: A Comparative and Historical Perspective is the first book to trace the history of the profession of analytical psychology from its origins in 1913 until the present.
As someone who has been personally involved in many aspects of Jungian history, Thomas Kirsch is well equipped to take the reader through the history of the 'movement', and to document its growth throughout the world, with chapters covering individual geographical areas - the UK, USA, and Australia, to name but a few - in some depth. He also provides new information on the ever-controversial subject of Jung's relationship to Nazism, Jews and Judaism. A lively and well-researched key work of reference, The Jungians will appeal to not only to those working in the field of analysis, but would also make essential reading for all those interested in Jungian studies.

chapter 1|30 pages

Analytical Psychology in Zurich

chapter 2|5 pages

The Role of Analytical Psychology Clubs

chapter 4|16 pages

Analytical Psychology in New York

chapter 8|39 pages

Analytical Psychology in Germany

chapter 9|9 pages

Analytical Psychology in Italy

chapter 10|9 pages

Analytical Psychology in France

chapter 12|11 pages

Analytical Psychology in Israel

chapter 13|5 pages

Analytical Psychology in Australia and

chapter 14|8 pages

Analytical Psychology in Latin America

chapter 15|3 pages

Analytical Psychology in South Africa

chapter 17|5 pages

Emerging Groups in Asia

chapter 19|3 pages

The History of Sandplay

chapter 20|21 pages

Observations and Conclusions