This volume emphasizes the necessity for arts teachers to nurture the personal development of their students by expanding their artistic understanding and creativity. In aiming to provide a broader understanding for the effective teaching of the arts, the author provides powerful reasons for seeing the arts as agents of learning, understanding and development. The volume also demonstrates that whilst the arts are centrally concerned with feeling, they are as fully open to objective reasoning as any other subject discipline such as science, but the dichotomy between ‘scientism’ and ‘subjectivism’ is all-pervading in a curriculum which marginalises the teaching of the arts.

chapter |15 pages

The Rationality of Feeling

chapter |12 pages

Natural Response and Action

chapter |20 pages


chapter |14 pages


chapter |12 pages


chapter |12 pages

Free Expression

chapter |15 pages


chapter |27 pages


chapter |16 pages

Artist and Audience

chapter |23 pages

Art and Life