This was the last and most important and comprehensive work of Charlotte Mason, (founder of the Parents’ National Educational Union). For more than half a century the practical results of her original thought on education could be seen in all parts of the world in the Charlotte Mason Method and the Parents’ Union Schools.

chapter |21 pages


part |212 pages

Book I

chapter I|10 pages


chapter II|13 pages

Children Are Born Persons

chapter III|22 pages

The Good And Evil Nature Of A Child

chapter IV|12 pages

Authority And Docility

chapter V|14 pages

The Sacredness Of Personality

chapter VI|18 pages

Three Instruments Of Education

chapter VII|16 pages

How We Make Use Of Mind

chapter VIII|11 pages

1.—The Way Of The Will

chapter IX|15 pages

2.—The Way Of The Reason

chapter X|81 pages

The Curriculum 1

part Book II|114 pages

Theory Applied

chapter I|15 pages

A Liberal Education In Elementary Schools

chapter II|29 pages

A Liberal Education In Secondary Schools

chapter III|21 pages

The Scope Of Continuation Schools

chapter IV|43 pages

The Basis Of National Strength 1

A Liberal Education From A National Standpoint

chapter V|6 pages