This volume provides a rigorous examination of theoretical concepts such as need, interest, growth, play, experience, activity and self-expression. It also makes an important contribution towards getting a closely argued educational theory. In the first part of the book the author establishes general aims and ends with suggestions as to what the curriculum ought to be. The second part is concerned with the procedures of learning and teaching appropriate to such a curriculum.

chapter Chapter One|12 pages

The Changing Concept of the Primary School

chapter Chapter Two|12 pages

Aims (1): Needs and Interests

chapter Chapter Three|25 pages

Aims (2): Growth

chapter Chapter Four|43 pages

Aims (3): A Curriculum

chapter Chapter Five|13 pages

Play as an Educational Process

chapter Chapter Six|26 pages

Learning and Experience

chapter Chapter Seven|21 pages

Activity, Self-Expression and the Arts

chapter Chapter Eight|29 pages

Moral Education