Trying to summarize the essentials of macroeconomic theory in the wake of the financial crisis that has shaken not only Western economies but also the macroeconomic profession is no easy task. In particular, the notion that markets are self-correcting and always in equilibrium appears to have taken a heavy blow. However, the jury is still out on which areas should be considered as failures and what which constitute the future of research.

The overall aim of this text is to provide a compact overview of the contributions that are currently regarded as the most important for macroeconomic analysis and to equip the reader with the essential theoretical knowledge that all advanced students in macroeconomics should be acquainted with.

The result is a compact text that should act as the perfect complement to further study of macroeconomics: an introduction to the key concepts discussed in the journal literature and suitable for students from upper undergraduate level through to PhD courses.

chapter |3 pages


part |45 pages

The Long Run

chapter |12 pages

The Malthusian World

chapter |10 pages

The Solow Growth Model

chapter |13 pages

Endogenous Growth Theory

part |48 pages

The Short and Medium Run

chapter |7 pages

Financial Crises

chapter |15 pages

Consumption and Saving

part |51 pages

Macroeconomic Policy