The new edition of Subediting and Production for Journalists is a concise, clear and contemporary introduction to the skills required for subediting newspapers, magazines and websites. Tim Holmes describes how subediting has developed, from the early days of print to the modern era of the internet browser and social media, and explores the many challenges for the sub working today.

Using numerous practical examples drawn from print and online, Subediting and Production for Journalists introduces the various techniques employed by the sub to help make the written word stand out on the page, including:

  • subbing news and features for sense and style
  • writing headlines and sells
  • making copy legally safe
  • understanding production, using software packages and content management systems
  • editing and rewriting stories for online publication
  • creating suitable page furniture for websites
  • handling and sizing pictures digitally
  • handling audio and video.

Subediting and Production for Journalists is the perfect guide for all those with an interest in subbing in today’s multimedia environments, as well as anyone wanting to see their words come to life.

chapter 1|12 pages


chapter 2|24 pages

How to be a modern subeditor

chapter 3|31 pages

Professional subediting practice

chapter 4|31 pages

How to create great news headlines

chapter 5|15 pages

Headline systems and searchability

chapter 6|26 pages

How to write great feature headlines

chapter 7|36 pages

Page furniture systems: sells and captions

chapter 9|25 pages

Legal and ethical problems for subeditors

chapter 10|14 pages

Covers, splash pages and landing zones