The fields of marketing and communication have become increasingly important for modern public administrations in recent years but the focus on these subjects has been geared mainly towards the generation of outputs, leaving somewhat behind the analysis and deeper reflections on the impact they make and their limitations.

This book provides a thorough overview of the major concepts in marketing and communication which is done by utilizing an exclusive and decisive public-sector approach, with an unambiguous international outlook. The possibilities and limits of the application of marketing and communication, from strategic aspects to the more concrete questions of instruments and implementation, are discussed and if the realities of the public sector are the key to any understanding of marketing and communication, the international scene is the only possible ground to do this in.

Aided by a multitude of pedagogical features, Marketing Management and Communications in the Public Sector is a key read for all students, practitioners and scholars working or studying in this field.

part I|56 pages

chapter 1|10 pages

Public management and marketing

chapter 2|21 pages

Marketing and public marketing

chapter 3|23 pages

Organizations, citizens and consumers

part II|90 pages

chapter 4|15 pages

Basic marketing concepts

chapter 5|25 pages

Marketing information research

chapter 6|23 pages

Marketing strategy

chapter 7|25 pages

Marketing instruments

part III|103 pages

chapter 8|24 pages

Public communications – an introduction

chapter 9|19 pages

Communications models and strategies

chapter 10|22 pages

Communications instruments

chapter 11|12 pages

Communication control

chapter 12|24 pages

Crisis communication