Becoming a New Instructor guides new instructors through the planning, preparation, and execution of their first class, whether it is in person or online. Like any good mentor, this book provides clear, simple instructions and makes best-practice recommendations. Becoming a New Instructor provides a step-by-step guide to writing a syllabus, a simple explanation for how to calculate grades, and many additional suggestions from an experienced teacher about how to run a class. Chronologically arranged from conceptualizing the class through putting together the syllabus, planning in-class time, running the class, and assigning grades, this book will answer any new instructors’ questions. Adjuncts and graduate students charged with teaching a college course will find this succinct guide invaluable.

Special Features Include:

  • An entire chapter on teaching online, plus "Concerns Specific to Online Instructors" throughout that connect chapter content to online teaching and CMS platforms
  • Examples of best practice, checklists, sample assignments, syllabi, and rubrics that guide readers in creating materials for their own courses
  • Guidance specific to the needs of adjuncts and graduate students teaching a course for the first time.

chapter |3 pages


chapter |9 pages

Step 1: Conceptualizing the Class

chapter |26 pages

Step 2: Creating Graded Assignments

chapter |11 pages

Step 3: Putting Together the Syllabus

chapter |11 pages

Step 4: Planning In-Class Time

chapter |13 pages

Step 5: Running Your Class

chapter |14 pages

Blind Grading

chapter |7 pages

Step 7: Interacting with Students

chapter |20 pages

Step 8: Taking Your Class Online