Ruslan Khasbulatov has played a central role in the dramatic changes in Russia over the last three years. He became Acting Speaker of the Russian parliament in July 1991 and helped to defend the Russian White House during the coup attempt of that August. He has since consolidated his influence in the Parliament, and has become one of the country's most powerful and controversial politicians.
In this book, Khasbulatov presents his views on Russian politics before the coup, offers a vivid first-hand account of the resistance to the coup, and concludes with his views on the problem of power in the new Russia. He provides a unique insight into the development of Russia from communism to embryonic democracy and an unparalleled insider's account of some of the most momentous events of the late twentieth century.

part |136 pages

On The Eve

chapter |15 pages


chapter |13 pages

In Politics and Government

chapter |33 pages

Remaking the State

chapter |29 pages

Economic Transformation

chapter |32 pages

Beyond Communism

part |69 pages

The Coup

chapter |14 pages

Day One 19 August 1991

chapter |10 pages

Day Two 20 August 1991

chapter |7 pages

Day Three 21 August 1991

chapter |6 pages

The Fate of Freedom

part |55 pages


chapter |6 pages

On Power

chapter |21 pages

Power and Russia

chapter |15 pages

Federalism and Democracy