Automotive Vehicle Safety is a unique academic text, practical design guide and valuable reference book. It provides information that is essential for specialists to make better-informed decisions. The book identifies and discusses key generic safety principles and their applications and includes decision-making criteria, examples and remedies. It

chapter 1|3 pages

Introduction to vehicle safety

chapter 2|7 pages

Basic concepts of vehicle safety

chapter |7 pages

(f) Safety factors

chapter |6 pages

(l) Interlocks (event sequencing)

part |1 pages

(r) Survivability and injury reduction

chapter |12 pages

(s) Digital models and man-testing

chapter 3|8 pages

Risk evaluation: is it unsafe?

part 4|1 pages

Human error control

part 5|1 pages

Risk communication

chapter |11 pages

(b) Imagery

chapter 6|8 pages

Universal design

chapter 7|10 pages

The distracted driver

part 8|1 pages

Occupant injury prevention: biokinetics

chapter |5 pages

(b) Proper use of head restraints

chapter |8 pages

(d) Problems less amenable

chapter 9|15 pages

Human simulation applications

chapter 10|11 pages

Crash testing

part 11|1 pages

Accident reconstruction

chapter |22 pages

(b) The initial investigation

chapter 12|10 pages

Special design problems

chapter 13|4 pages

Future vehicle safety

chapter |7 pages

(i) Needed research

chapter 14|10 pages

Discussion questions