Since the mid-1980s increasing effort has been put into light exotic nuclei, that is light nuclei of unusual composition. The research of the exotic nuclei began with the advent of accelerated beams of such nuclei. This new technique has revitalized nuclear physics, and the facilities producing radioactive ion beams now offer opportunities for pion

chapter |7 pages


part |1 pages

Part I Reactions with Light Exotic Nuclei

chapter 1|8 pages

Introduction to Part I

chapter 2|24 pages

Potential Scattering

chapter 4|20 pages

High-energy Reactions of Halo Nuclei

chapter 5|26 pages

Medium-energy Reactions of Halo Nuclei

chapter 7|29 pages

Coulomb Breakup Reactions of Halo Nuclei

part |1 pages

Part II Structure of Light Exotic Nuclei

chapter 8|13 pages

Introduction to Part II

chapter 9|49 pages

Correlated Gaussian Approach

chapter 10|33 pages

Variational Procedure

chapter 11|74 pages

Cluster Models

chapter 13|102 pages

Application to Exotic Nuclei