Based on his famous final year undergraduate lectures on theoretical physics at Birkbeck College, Bohm presents the theory of relativity as a unified whole, making clear the reasons which led to its adoption and explaining its basic meaning. With clarity and grace, he also reveals the limited truth of some of the "common sense" assumptions which make it difficult for us to appreciate its full implications.
With a new foreword by Basil Hiley, a close colleague of David Bohm's, The Special Theory of Relativity is an indispensable addition to the work of one of greatest physicists and thinkers of the twentieth century.

chapter I|2 pages


chapter IX|3 pages

The Lorentz Transformation

chapter XV|4 pages

Addition of Velocities

chapter XVI|3 pages

The Principle of Relativity

chapter XVII|5 pages

Some Applications of Relativity

chapter XVIII|10 pages

Momentum and Mass in Relativity

chapter XXV|6 pages

The Falsification of Theories

chapter XXIX|3 pages

Proper Time

chapter XXX|7 pages

The “Paradox” of the Twins