Winslow provides a comprehensive history and political analysis of Lebanon from ancient times to the present day. He focuses on the civil and sectarian strife that has characterized the country's past and contemporary history.

chapter 1|26 pages

Peoples and history to 1840

chapter 2|23 pages

Wars and independence: 1840–1914

chapter 3|25 pages

Greater Lebanon: 1915–1943

chapter 4|28 pages

The independent Republic: 1943–1958

chapter 5|23 pages

The civil war of 1958

chapter 6|33 pages

The best years: 1958–1970

chapter 7|35 pages

Toward civil war: 1970–1975

chapter 8|32 pages

Civil war and intervention: 1976–1982

chapter 9|41 pages

Permanent war: 1983–1990

chapter 10|22 pages

Syria stops the war: 1990–1995