Synoptic and Dynamic Climatology provides the first comprehensive account of the dynamical behaviour and mechanisms of the global climate system and its components, together with a modern survey of synoptic-scale weather systems in the tropics and extratropics, and of the methods and applications of synoptic climate classification. It is unrivalled in the scope and detail of its contents. The work is thoroughly up to date, with extensive bibliographies by chapter. It is illustrated with nearly 300 figures and plates.
*Part 1 provides an introduction to the global climate system and the space-time scales of weather and climate processes, followed by a chapter on climate data and their analysis
*Part 2 describes and explains the characteristics of the general circulation of the global atmosphere and includes the nature and causes of global teleconnection patterns
*Part 3 discusses synoptic weather systems in the extratropics and tropics and satellite-based climatologies of synoptic features. It also describes the applications of synoptic climatology and summarises current climatic research and its directions.

part |1 pages

PART 1 The climate system and its study

chapter 1|13 pages


chapter 2|91 pages

Climate data and their analysis

part |1 pages

PART 2 Dynamic climatology

chapter 3|154 pages

Global climate and the general circulation

chapter 5|81 pages

Global teleconnections

part |1 pages

PART 3 Synoptic climatology

chapter 6|106 pages

Synoptic systems

chapter 8|2 pages

Retrospect and prospect