A major concern of all decision makers has been to ensure that there are clear benefits from transport investment proposals. The travel time savings are clear, but the wider economic developments have presented enormous difficulty in terms of both theoretical arguments and empirical evidence. This book reviews the history of the debate and argues that the agenda has changed.
These issues are presented together with a major analytical investigation of macroeconomic models, evaluation in transport and microeconomic approaches. The final part of the book presents a series of case studies for road, rail and airport investment schemes, particularly focusing on the economic development aspects.

part |2 pages

PART I Objectives and scope

chapter 1|30 pages

Background and objectives

chapter 2|24 pages

Scope of analysis

Definitions, approach and methodological framework

part |2 pages

PART II Contemporary issues

chapter 3|24 pages

Transport infrastructure investment

chapter 4|24 pages

The evolving economy

chapter 5|20 pages

Social, spatial and environmental effects

chapter 6|30 pages

Modelling the growth effects of transport capital investments

A macro level analysis

chapter 9|18 pages

The economic impacts of roads

chapter 10|30 pages

The economic impacts of rail

chapter 11|30 pages

The economic impacts of airports