The assessment of students an activity central to the role of any professional in further and higher education, and is an area that is the subject of constant innovation and debate.
This book provides a scholarly account of the many facets of assessment, with a particular focus on student involvement. Peer and self-assessment are powerful assessment tools to add to the existing tutor-based methods of assessment and feedback, and this book is a comprehensive guide to the the methods and issues involved.
Practical and accessible in style, yet grounded in research and rich in evidence-based material, Improving Assessment Through Student Involvement will be valued by all FE or HE professionals wanting to enhance both the effectiveness and quality of their assessment methods.

chapter 1|31 pages

The seven pillars of assessment

chapter 2|27 pages

What's wrong with traditional assessment?

chapter 3|24 pages

Changing definitions of assessment

chapter 6|26 pages

Practical peer assessment and feedback

Problems and solutions

chapter 9|22 pages

Assessment of groups by peers

chapter 11|11 pages

Past, Present And Futures