In this fascinating and comprehensive study, Greg Bankoff traces the history of natural hazards in the Philippines from the records kept by the Spanish colonisers to the 'Calamitous Nineties', and assesses the effectiveness of the relief mechanisms that have evolved to cope with these occurrences. He also examines the correlation between this history of natural disasters and the social hierarchy within Filipino society. The constant threat of disaster has been integrated into the schema of daily life to such an extent that a 'culture of disaster' has been formed.

chapter |4 pages

Introduction: Of Jellyfish and Coups

chapter 1|13 pages

‘Vulnerability' as Western Discourse

chapter 2|13 pages

Environment and Hazard in Southeast Asia

chapter 3|30 pages

A History of Hazard in the Philippines

chapter 6|17 pages

The Economics of Red Tides

chapter 8|27 pages

Cultures of Disaster