What causes Anti- Americanism and where are its historical roots? What is the impact of 9/11 on America's sense of itself and its role in the world? Is America paradoxically a victim of its own political and economic power? This book seeks to understand the terrible attacks of September 11th within a broader historical, political and ideological context. Rather than drawing on simple 'clash of civilisation' oppositions, the author argues that it is important to have an awareness of the complex historical processes which influence: America's sense of itself and its changing view of the world How the world, especially the Muslim world, views America The changing nature of international politics and the global system since the end of the cold war. Drawing on a wide range of contemporary and historical sources Richard Crockatt has written a balanced, subtle and highly readable book which provides genuine insight into American foreign policy, anti-Americanism and Islamic fundamentalism. It will be important reading for all those seeking to understand the background to the 'war on terror'.

chapter |6 pages

September 11, 2001

chapter |32 pages

How America sees the world

Historical perspectives

chapter |33 pages

How the world sees America

The causes and consequences of anti-Americanism

chapter |36 pages

The roots of terror

Islam, the Middle East, and the United States

chapter |28 pages

The limits of governance

Globalization, terrorism, and the transformation of international politics since 1989

chapter |26 pages

Responding to terror

George W. Bush and American foreign policy

chapter |5 pages