In Black Sexual Politics, one of America's most influential writers on race and gender explores how images of Black sexuality have been used to maintain the color line and how they threaten to spread a new brand of racism around the world today.

chapter |21 pages


No Turning Back

part I|94 pages

African Americans And The New Racism

chapter One|28 pages

Why Black Sexual Politics?

Why Black Sexual Politics?

chapter Two|33 pages

The Past is Ever Present

Recognizing the New Racism

chapter Three|30 pages

Prisons for Our Bodies, Closets for Our Minds

Racism, Heterosexism, and Black Sexuality

part II|96 pages

Rethinking Black Gender Ideology

chapter Four|30 pages

Get Your Freak on

Sex, Babies, and Images of Black Femininity

chapter Five|32 pages

Booty Call

Sex, Violence, and Images of Black Masculinity

chapter Six|32 pages

Very Necessary

Redefining Black Gender Ideology

part III|89 pages

Toward a Progressive Black Sexual Politics

chapter Seven|31 pages

Assume the Position

The Changing Contours of Sexual Violence

chapter Eight|32 pages

No Storybook Romance

How Race and Gender Matter

chapter Nine|23 pages

Why We Can't Wait

Black Sexual Politics and the Challenge of HIV/AIDS

chapter |5 pages


The Power of a Free Mind