First published in 1928.
'Something more than an historical document of the first importance...his narrative is so readable that one's interest and admiration are equally divided between the stupendous events he records and the charming revelations of his own character.' Saturday Review.
Four eye-witnesses of the discovery and conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards have left written records, but of these the present volume and the letters of Cortés (Volume 14) are by far the most important.

chapter |6 pages

Extracts from the Introduction

chapter |12 pages

Bernal Diaz Del Castillo his Life

chapter |15 pages


chapter |5 pages

Note on Spelling, etc.

chapter |4 pages

Preface by the Author

chapter |72 pages

Book III The March Inland

chapter |58 pages

Book IV The War in Tlaxcala

chapter |53 pages

Book V The March to Mexico

chapter |70 pages

Book VI The Stay in Mexico

chapter |41 pages

Book VIII The Flight from Mexico

chapter |14 pages

Book IX The Halt at Tepeaca

chapter |19 pages

Book X The Return to The Valley

chapter |45 pages

Book XI Preliminary Expeditions

chapter |79 pages

Book XII The Siege and Fall of Mexico