Mistakes are often an inevitable part of training; Learning from Mistakes in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy encourages the trainee to pinpoint potential errors at the earliest possible stage in training, helping them to make fast progress towards becoming competent REBT practitioners.

Windy Dryden and Michael Neenan have compiled 111 of the most common errors, explaining what has gone wrong and how to put it right, and have divided them into eight accessible parts:

  • general mistakes
  • assessment mistakes
  • goal-setting mistakes
  • disputing mistakes
  • homework mistakes
  • mistakes in dealing with client doubts and misconceptions
  • working through mistakes
  • self-maintenance.

Learning from Mistakes in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy is an indispensable guide for anyone embarking on a career in the REBT field.

part |64 pages

General mistakes

chapter |3 pages

Listening passively

chapter |2 pages

Being verbose yourself

chapter |3 pages

Failing to obtain feedback

chapter |3 pages

Avoiding confrontation

part |68 pages

Assessment mistakes

chapter |2 pages

Not clarifying the ‘it'

part |26 pages

Goal-setting mistakes

part |34 pages

Disputing mistakes

part |26 pages

Mistakes in dealing with your clients' doubts, reservations and misconceptions about REBT

part |26 pages

Working through mistakes

chapter |2 pages

Sacredizing endings

part |12 pages

Self-maintenance mistakes